About Dr. Kuzbyt

Dr. Kuzbyt graduated from Marquette University with a major in Psychology and a Sociology minor. He earned a Master's Of Science degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Baltimore. For his thesis, he examined the effectiveness of using relaxation procedures with people with disabilities. 

Dr. Kuzbyt later attended the American School of Professional Psychology where he earned his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree. As part of the program, Dr. Kuzbyt completed externships at the Washington County Hospital System and the Maryland Department of Corrections, both in Hagerstown, Maryland. He completed his APA Accredited Internship as Chief Intern at the Northeastern Ohio's College of Medicine (NEOUCOM) in Akron, Ohio.

Dr. Kuzbyt moved to Florida in 2000 and began his practice in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). The mission of these not-for-profit organizations is to serve the indigent and uninsured people of the community. Dr. Kuzbyt initiated and developed a fully integrated behavioral health program and department at Thomas E. Langley Medical Center in Sumterville, FL. Part of this program included working with the 5th Circuit Court and the County Court systems to ensure that people with behavioral health needs would receive treatment.  In the later 9+ years at Langley Medical Center, 
Dr. Kuzbyt began more administrative work and less direct patient care.  For the last 4+ years, Dr. Kuzbyt worked at a community health center in Collier County doing similar work.  In  January 2013, Dr. Kuzbyt made the decision to return to seeing patients and also elected to open a private practice.

Additionally, in 2004, influenced by a significant amount of forensic work that he was doing, Dr. Kuzbyt entered law school part-time at Barry University, Orlando. He graduated in 2008 with his Juris Doctorate and was subsequently admitted to the Florida Bar. While Dr. Kuzbyt does not actively practice law, he utilizes the skills and experience from law school in many facets of his work.

Dr. Kuzbyt has presented both nationally and within the state of Florida on the benefits of integrating behavioral health practice into the primary care settings. Most recently, he presented at the 2012 American Psychological Association National Conference, in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Kuzbyt's professional associations include:

American Psychological Assosication (APA)
Florida Psychological Association (FPA)
Florida Bar Association

Dr. Kuzbyt's Community Service includes:

Executive Director of the Collier County Rural Health Association 2009-2013
Board of Directors, Collier County PLAN 2011-present/Chairperson 2012-present
Board of Directors, Lee County Volunteers in Medicine 2011-present/Secretary 2013-present