Consulting Services

Executive Coaching (Individual):  Many companies hire managers and plan to groom them to become top flight executives.  Managers are expected to evaluate the performance of employees, deal with conflict as well as difficult situations and employees, motivate team members, and be a part of tough business conversations.

Unfortunately, not all the skills required to do these tasks are always a part of every manager's skill set.  Therefore, in order to be successful, the manager needs to develop or refine certain skills.  Typically, companies do not have the time nor personnel to do this training.  Sometimes the companies realize this situation and other times it is the manager or executive him/herself who recognizes it.  Either way, we can help.

Executive Coaching (Corporate): An individualized training program to address the specific areas for growth can be developed and implemented thereby increasing effectiveness and confidence.

Organizations are similar to families.  Ideally, an organization is a group of people working together for a common goal-- a productive and successful business.  Sometimes, however, not all people seem to be on the same page.  There may be breakdowns in communication, unproductive competition, personal issues spilling over into the workplace, etc.  These are not healthy situations and cause companies, like families, to have conflicts.  Conflict, typically if not addressed and resolved, gets worse.  There are ways to effectively address these and similar situations.  Let us help.

Risk Management:  Risk taking is inevitable and necessary if an organization or individual is to achieve its goals.  There are very few certainties in life! Organizations that are in tune with risk can appreciate the need to actively manage it.  Taking and managing risks are an essential part of growing and surviving in business.  Managing risks requires not only examining the potential threats that risk places on the business, it can also provide potential opportunities for growth and expansion.

The difficulty oftentimes is that the organization cannot financially support a full-time Risk Manager.  Unfortunately, instead of looking at alternatives to that type of risk management, organizations go without.  Let us help.

Effective risk management can:
         Decrease the likelihood of surprises
         Help utilize resources more effectively
         Aid in the strategic planning and development of growth
         Decrease cost and losses

Corporate Compliance:  While most would agree that maintaining compliance with all applicable laws is the bare minimum of compliance, this requirement can present many challenges to companies, especially smaller ones.  While administratively we typically task directors with oversight of compliance, it is one of the most missed areas of work.  It can be cumbersome, tedious, and difficult to develop, implement, and consistently adhere to a corporate compliance program.  While many organizations agree it is important and necessary, very few devote the time, personnel, and resources to this important aspect of running a company.

Let us help develop a program and help you monitor it effectively so that this crucial area of a successful business is not lost.